Tienda Gourmet

Batán de Salas de Beroz

After almost 30 years of experience in the field of production, distribution and international trade in food products, the owner of the industry-leading company KLAS FOOD EOOD, Chavdar Spasov, sets up TIENDA GOURMET.

TIENDA / TIENDA means shop in Spanish. The young company’s focus is on carefully selected niche and delicatessen food and beverages from around the world.

TIENDA GOURMET offers you a wide variety of products and flavours characteristic of Spain – meats and sausages, wines, olive oil and olives, as well as other interesting delicatessen and rare foods. To satisfy the refined tastes of our customers, we have also selected high-end food products from other countries. All of them are produced according to the highest standards and quality requirements in the food industry and are accompanied by the relevant certificates and specifications. Thus, we certify the controlled production process, starting from the feeding of the animals, continuing with the processing of the products by the most qualified personnel and ending with reliable logistics provided by us.