Lozenitsa Estate

Batán de Salas de Beroz

Lozenitsa 2018 is a new project on the wine map of Bulgaria, but with a history that began in early 2018 with the purchase of several smaller vineyards in the village of Lozenitsa and Vinogradi. The owner shares the first wines obtained from them with family and friends, and quickly everyone falls in love with the taste of the local wine and the beauty of the Struma River Valley.

Over 500 km² of our vineyards are located in the Melnish region – near the village of Lozenitsa, in the southernmost part of the Struma River Valley. The choice is not random – the region is famous for its thousand-year-old wine traditions. The terroir of the region is unique for Bulgaria.

The climate is transitional Mediterranean. The average annual temperature in Sandanski is 14.1ºС, and the average relative air humidity is the lowest in the country – 66%. The mild and dry climate and the proximity of the White Sea favour the cultivation of vineyards that produce grapes with excellent characteristics. Our own vineyards are of the varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, typical for the region Shiroka Melnishka loza, Melnik 55, Melnik Rubin, Mavrud, Rouen, Melnik 1300, Sandanski Misket, Tamianka, and elite Italian planting material is used.

The Melnik region is the source of millennial viticulture and winemaking, a driving force for the development of modern Bulgarian tourism. The area around Petrich, Sandanski and Melnik is the most concentrated region of wineries in the country, which logistically makes it perfect for wine tourism. Perhaps it is also the best-structured region in terms of communication between wineries, welcoming guests and creating events and initiatives.

Website: www.lozenitsaestate.com