Chateau Boshnakoff

Batán de Salas de Beroz

Chateau Boshnakov is a young winery that started production in 2020, following an investment from the Boshnakov family’s viticultural company, founded in 1995. It is located in the village of Ezerovo, municipality of Beloslav, 10 km west of the city of Varna along the northern shore of Lake Varna.

Chateau Boshnakov’s mission is to offer high-class wines at low price levels – small batches of wines with character, reflecting the specifics of the Black Sea region.

The winery is modernly equipped and ensures the cleanliness of the entire process – from receiving the grapes to the wine. Constant temperature control is carried out throughout the technological process. An inert environment is provided during the movement of the wine to the bottle. Only stainless vessels and French barrels with a volume of 225 l are used. The wine is bottled using an Italian bottling line.

The Chateau Boshnakov team also aims to develop wine tourism. Currently, the winery has a small tasting room for tastings for up to 15 people. The construction of a large tasting room with a shop is about to take place.