Chateau Avli

Batán de Salas de Beroz

Chateau Avli is located in the village of Glushnik, Sliven region.

It is named after the medieval city of Avli, the remains of which are located in the area, known for its agriculture and wine production. The city was already mentioned by the Andalusian traveller in the Sicilian service Al-Idrisi (1099 – 1165). The area also hides a number of cultural phenomena from different eras – a Thracian sanctuary, medieval fortifications, and ore deposits of non-ferrous metals used in antiquity. They are to be studied and described.

Avli is a project created by people who perceive wine as part of a complete process of interaction between nature and human thought.

It is this philosophy of the “whole” that reflects our attitude to every single detail of our work.

Avli carries the meaning of home, inner space, that which separates us from others and makes us so recognizable and different. Avli is our quest to know the world beyond us and, looking around in it, to know ourselves. In this sense, each of our wines is a new world for us.

Our small and extremely enthusiastic team is happily devoting days and nights to finding a way to achieve our common dream – Avli wines.