Minkov Brothers

Винарска изба Братя Минкови

Neatly located among the vineyards on one of the last elevations of the Terziyski Bair area, the “Minkov Brothers” winery is located next to the Karnobat village of Venets, 65 km west of the city of Burgas and has a restaurant, tasting room, wine shop, museum part and two underground the tunnel with a total length of 160 meters where our wines mature.

It is located in the place where the oldest and best vineyards in the Karnobat region were grown and revives the glory of the famous winemakers, the Minkovi brothers, who at the end of the 19th century brought to the country the most prestigious international wine exhibition award of that time . Back in 1875, devoting themselves to their great passion – winemaking, Ivan, Vasil and Nikifor Minkovi founded a cellar in the trade and craft center of Karnobat – Church Village. After 19 years of hard work and absolute dedication and work in the vineyards, the world learned about them, through their wines, distinguishing them in a number of prestigious international competitions.

After the gold medal from the Brussels Wine Exhibition of 1894, awards followed from the elite wine competition in London and the International Fair in Plovdiv.

A century later, the revived “Minkov Brothers” cellar is again the winner of significant international and national awards.

Website:  www.minkovbrothers.bg