Batán de Salas de Beroz

The company “Teo-Max” Ltd. Varna was established in 2000. The main activity is:
– construction of prefabricated cold rooms, fruit storages and HVP premises according to a ready-made project of the client or one is prepared according to his specific needs;
– furnishing of supermarkets with low and medium temperature refrigerated showcases, neutral equipment, aggregates and kitchen furniture;
– import, recycling and maintenance of kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants and professional kitchens;
– warranty, out-of-warranty and subscription service of freon refrigeration installations;
– construction of shock chambers;
– construction of monitoring systems;
– design and construction of compressor stations.
The commercial part includes the sale of:
– new medium- and low-temperature refrigerated display cases;
– second-hand refrigerated showcases, units, cabinets, ice generators, convection ovens, evaporators, condensers, racks, etc.
– wall and island racks, bread, vegetable and non-alcoholic racks;
– refrigeration compressors and units (new and recycled);
– air coolers and condensers – refrigeration automation;
– ice generators, convection ovens, sausage cutters, pressure ovens;
– parts and consumables for the entire product range;

Website: www.teo-max.com