Batán de Salas de Beroz

Kameya Wine Cellar is a small family project with 3 to 5 thousand bottles of annual production. We launched our first campaign in 2016 with the vinification of Merlot and Cabernet, gradually expanding our assortment with Ruby, Syrah and Mavrud over the years. Making wine is our great passion, and of course sharing it with connoisseurs of the divine drink.

We have also expressed our attitude to wine in the beautiful name of our project – “Kamea” (jewellery with bas-reliefs of precious or semi-precious stones). We put a lot of dedication and attention to detail into turning grapes into a shared delight with every sip of our limited editions. For us, craft winemaking is a way to pay tribute to our ancestors by continuing their winemaking traditions. As our patron, we have chosen the god of wine – Dionysus, whose symbol-rich staff, crowned with a cone, adorns our labels. We will be happy to tell you about it at the upcoming tastings.

Website: www.kameawinery.com