Gorun Winery

Batán de Salas de Beroz

Gorun Winery is a boutique family winery located in the town of Iskar – 30 km from the town of Pleven. Established with the mission to restore, preserve and upgrade the region’s centuries-old traditions in viticulture and winemaking, as well as with the ambition to offer Bulgarian wines of the highest class. Priority is given to the local grape varieties for the terroir – Gamza, Kailash ruby, Kailash misket, as well as the world kings of wine Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Muscat Ottonel and Pinot Noir and their appearance on the fertile Mysian soil.

The vineyards planted in 2016 are located on the windy hills above the Iskar River, and the winery founded in 2019 is nestled in its valley, where the town of the same name is also located, which arose at the time as Gorun because of the centuries-old oaks in the vicinity, from which the name of the cellar. The unique microclimate of the area creates prerequisites for high-quality wines, which are offered under the Gorun Winery brand in two series Gorun Reserves, aged in French oak barrels and Gorun pure varietal, without oak, in which the true expression of the local terroir is sought. The chief technologist of the cellar is Svetoslav Krastev, a talented oenologist with extensive international experience, who skilfully combines classic and innovative styles in winemaking from the New and Old World.

5868 Iskar, 31 Trifon Angelov Str.
tel.: +359 889 680 186